Vastu studies and Bio-Well

04.07.2021 13:30 - 14:15

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Avinash Ramdas Kulkarni

The science of “Sri Rudram”

“Sri Rudram”, also known as Sri Rudraprasnaḥ, is a hymn offered to Rudra-Siva, present in auspicious, benign forms as well as terrible forms which He assumes at the time of the dissolution and the destruction of the cosmos. Rudra has two forms, Ghora or terrible form and Shiva or auspicious form.

Rudra is verily a fire form.

The word Rudra has 4 root meanings: (a) dreadful, terrific, angry; (b) great or large; (c) driving away evil; (d) fit to be praised. Another explanation derived from the meaning of its roots is also; “ru”, to cry or to teach, “rud”, to make a person weep, and “dra” to flow. Hence Rudra is considered as a deity who teaches the supreme knowledge to all and whose energy flows in everything of the cosmos.


The research was performed with the help of Bio-Well Sputnik Antenna where these powerful hymns were chanted by 10000 people.


The research presentation of “The Science of Sri Rudram” includes-

  • The analysis of the information transferred during the chanting of hymns of Sri Rudram.
  • The change in intensity, area and energy of the environment where the Sri Rudram was chanted.
  • Effects of chanting on the space energy.